About Us

SAMER I.T. is a company jointly founded by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in international business management and global transport operations.

Linked to logistics as we have always been we have opened a new business unit committed to the manufacture of a variety of pallets such as the Arlog Pallet, The Euro Pallet, The Closed or Blind Pallet, and to the production of custom pallets in acordance with the customer's specifications.

We are also committed to providing on time door to door delivery service of our products. In addition, in the event that our pallet suffer damage during the shipping or stowage processes, we offer a pallet repair service, which reduces overall user costs.

Our Vision

To reach and maintain the highest standards of integrity and efficiency through our dynamic and proffesional corporate structure.

Our Mission

At SAMER I.T. quality of service is the founding principle of our success. That, along with the objetive of meeting our customer's needs, enables us to offer the best product in the marketplace at very competitive prices.